Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

Pittsburgh, in Western Pennsylvania, nicknamed Steel City was once the centre of the American Steel industry but now these companies have moved outside of city limits. However, despite the industrial status, there is still plenty to see here. It is also a big sports city with a wide variety played. Pittsburgh Steelers (6 times Super Bowl winners), Pittsburgh Pirates playing baseball at PNC Park and finally the Pittsburgh Penguins who are 5 times Stanley Cup champions for ice hockey to name a few.

Yellow Bridges

Pittsburgh claims to have the more bridges than any other place in the world at 446. Feel free to count them if you have time!

However, the main bridges are the 3 self-anchored suspension bridges that span the Allegheny River and are known as the 3 Sisters. These identical, brightly painted painted yellow bridges really stand out in the Steel City and are named after Roberto Clemente (baseball), Andy Warhol (artist) and Rachel Carson (biologist) who were influential Pittsburgh residents.

Other yellow bridges include the Philip Murray, which is a cable suspension bridge featuring towers at either end and the Fort Pitt Bridge, which is the world’s first computer designed bowstring arch bridge.

Pittsburgh Bridge
Andy Warhol Bridge
Pittsburgh Bridge
Andy Warhol Bridge
Pittsburgh Bridge
Fort Pitt Bridge

Duquesne Incline

Take a ride up Mount Washington in this century old wooden cable car to admire the panoramic view over downtown Pittsburgh, including the bridges and 3 rivers. This view has been named as one of the ’10 most beautiful Views in America’, by USA Today Weekend Magazine.

Originally opened in 1877 and restored in 1963 it is the oldest funicular still in use.The upper station has a museum and gift shop and it is even possible to watch the machinery while the incline operates.

Top Tip: Adult admission is $2.75 one way

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


This outdoor art studio/museum is probably the most colourful place in Pittsburgh or even Pennsylvania. A bright splash of colour everywhere you look but these colours don’t clash, they all flow into each other very well.

Randyland was started by Randy Gilson in 1995 when he bought several rundown buildings on his credit card for $10,000 in the North Side of the city and they gradually merged into this vibrant studio. His artistic influence has spread to the surrounding streets featuring street art and installations.

Top Tip: Admission is free but donations are welcome!

Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvanis

Infinity Mirrored Room

Pittsburgh features a different type of art in the form of Infinity Mirrored Rooms by Yayoi Kusama, a Japanese painter. Kasama states that ” A mirror is a device which obliterates everything including myself and others in the light of another world or a gallant apparatus which creates nothingness.”

Her creations can be found all around the world but the Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh is lucky to have 2 in its permanent collection; Repetitive Vision and Infinity Dots

Top Tip: Pictures can only be taken with a mobile phone

Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania
Mirror Room
Infinity Dots
Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania
Mirror Room

Agnes R. Katz Plaza

Visit the urban oasis of Katz Plaza and sit and relax while admiring the 25 foot bronze fountain centrepiece, designed by Louise Bourgeois. The plaza is also home to live concert performances.


The Liberty Avenue Musicians

Pittsburgh is full of statues and sculptures but my favourite is this one. Located at 947 Liberty Avenue on one of the cities busiest streets are 3 15 foot high musicians who are paying homage to the musical legacy of Pittsburgh. Sculpted from clay and cast in concrete they were sculpted by James Simon and commissioned by Eve Picker.



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