5 Top Tips for Monaco ๐Ÿ‡ฒ๐Ÿ‡จ

5 top tips for Monaco, a beautiful micro-state on the French Riviera bordered by France and officially known as the Principality of Monaco.

Monaco can be easily reached by bus and taxi from Nice airport. The bus stop can be found just outside the airport doors with the journey taking about 45 minutes and the cost of a one way ticket being 6 euros. The taxi journey is approximately about half an hour and the cost is roughly 100 euros. It is also possible to visit Monaco on a tour from Nice. To arrange a tour, check out my Handy Travel Apps page and choose an app to book through.

1. Monte Carlo Casino

The world famous Monte Carlo Casino is a must-see! It features in several films such as ‘Golden Eye’, ‘Never Say Never Again’ and ‘Oceans 12’. The atrium inside is just as impressive as the outside and anyone can enter this area without showing identification.

There has been a dress code for the last 150 years. During the day, smart casual attire is allowed such as dark jeans but in the evenings t-shirts and shorts are prohibited. Blazers or suit jackets are expected!

Top Tip: Trainers, sandals and flip-flops aren’t allowed

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2. Casino Gardens

These beautifully kept gardens surround the famous Monte Carlo Casino.

Part of the gardens are landscaped with a natural slope that has helped to create a stream with small waterfalls that finish in a large pond and the part of the garden opposite the casino is sunken and bordered by Washington Robusta and Brachychiton Polulneus and is known as ‘The Boulingrins’, which translates to ‘bowling green’. Overall, the gardens have tried to maintain an exotic feel known as ‘Little Africa’, which the architect Edouard Andrรฉ tried to create by planting subtropical species of plants and trees.

Top Tip: Free entry!

The Landscaped Gardens

3. ‘Hand of Fate’ by David Tokarz

Located behind the casino on a pathway by the Mediterranean Sea is the ‘Hand of Fate’ sculpture by David Tokarz. Possibly been placed by the casino as when you gamble your fate is in someone else’s hands! Depending on where you stand you can get a good view of the sculpture with the casino in the background.


4. Prince’s Palace of Monaco and surrounding streets

Once you have finished exploring the casino and the gardens, hop on the hop-on hop-off bus and head up the hill to Prince’s Palace square and here you will find the Palace of Monaco that was built in 1215.

There are lots of cafes and restaurants surrounding the square under shady trees for when you are hungry or in need of a cooling drink.

Once you have finished your drink, take a wander through the winding streets leading off the square. You will not be disappointed by the colours and the architecture!

Prince's Palace
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5. Port Hercules

This is a natural bay at the foot of the rock and is the only deep-water port in the French Riveria. It used to be a trading port that was used by the Greeks and Romans but it was poorly sheltered and would be battered by easterly winds so eventually 2 piers were built, which helped to provide better protection.

Top Tip: Best viewed from the top of Monaco by Prince’s Square.



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