Goa ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ

Goa, in the south of the country, is another Indian treasure with beautiful beaches that have white sand, turquoise sea, cafes and bars a stones throw away and a very chilled vibe!

Goa is a 2 and a half flight from Delhi and flights are frequent with AirAsia, IndiGo and Air India. It is much hotter than the North (funny that!!) and the houses are very different to the North as they are mostly Western Style.

North Goa is the place to go if you want to party but South Goa is the area to relax in beautiful surroundings.

Top tip: If you are a solo female traveller, don’t walk alone on the beach after dark


Palolem Beach (and surrounding areas)

  • Beach

This beach in South Goa is approximately a mile long of lovely white, soft sand and turquoise sea. It has calm waters so perfect for body boarding, kayaking (available for hire from kiosks on the beach) and anything else that takes your fancy and is lined with cafes and bars that you don’t even have to leave the beach for. There are wild monkeys, nesting turtles and even wild boar!

  • Markets

There are 2 markets close by. The first is Palolem market, which is right by the beach and is full of beautifully made handicrafts and spices in lovely arrangements.

The second is Choudi Market. This is also a spice market plus part of a market for locals and is located 2 kilometres from Palolem. There are plenty of restaurants and accommodation here if you don’t want to stay right in Palolem itself.

  • Tours

If you fancy a day (or part of a day) away from the beach then there are all sorts of tours that you can do such as diving and snorkelling, yoga and pilates, visit the island nature reserve, hike to butterfly beach, jungle adventures, visit the wildlife sanctuary or why not try your hand at some Indian cooking classes?! Tours can be booked from the beach kiosks or visit my Handy Travel Apps page and choose an app to book your tour through.

  • Where to stay

I stayed at the Castle House Hotel, which was basic but did the job and was only a few minutes walk from the beach!

Another option is the beach huts that have been built among the palm trees at the back off the beach. These look like ideal places to stay but were still being built when I was there!

  • Where to eat

Plenty of cheap and delicious cafes, restaurants and bars right on the beach or more if you want to go into Palolem itself. Don’t worry if you feel like night off from curry, lots of places offer Western food.



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